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Attention Doug Ford: Please Restore Our Gender

12 Dec 2018
Attention Doug Ford: Please Restore Our Gender

Jawed Anwar


This year my wife’s health card was renewed, and she was shocked to see that she had lost her “female” gender. She found that the space for gender on the card was vacant. 

 In the coming year, when my health card is renewed, I will also lose my “male” gender.

In Ontario, now a newborn baby in our family will not be assigned a gender. Further, the baby will have no father or mother. Every baby will be the child of genderless “parent 1” and “parent 2.” The baby may be recognized by blood group A, B, O+…but not by gender.

In Ontario, it is now a “human rights violation” to announce a new baby’s biological gender. Because, “you don’t know”, “you never know”, what his/her gender is. Gender also doesn’t come into two biological “colours” (male or female); gender has “seven colours” according to liberal evil-o-pedia.  

It is the new liberal concept of “gender identity”. Never in past human history could anyone have ever conceived of this notion.  It has been implemented in the last 15 years of Liberal government in Ontario, particularly by the agenda-setter, gay activist ex-Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Don’t be confused. “Gender identity” means killing of gender, end of the gender.

It is now that LGBT people and only LGBT people have the right to express their non-biological gender --not the straight people. We, who are born with biological gender with the ID of male and female, have no right now to express our God-given gender.

This is liberal fascism.

When Kathleen Wynne took the Ministry of Education, she changed the Education Ministry bureaucracy, including the curriculum committee. She brought men like Benjamin Levin, a child porn addict, who is sentenced and jailed for his child pornography activities.

If the same Curriculum committee and Education bureaucracy exist in the Ministry, Mr. Ford will not be able to do anything.

Ms. Wynne/Mc. Guinty brought new sex-ed curriculum in 2010 but took it back after severe, parents’ reaction. Then she started to manufacture “consent.”  They brought several bills and passed through Liberal majority Ontario Assembly (with the full support of NDP) to make laws to build a system that can easily digest porno-style sex-education. New sex-ed was brought back again and implemented in 2015.

Before that, she introduced a bill that passed in 2012 with the false flag of “bullying” and camouflaging with “social justice” and “gay rights.” The “New Accepting Education Act” brought a new school system and curriculum to change the mindset of young children. The main features of the new act, system, and curriculum are Gay-Straight Alliance Club in every public school (even in the schools where no gay student exists), celebration of Pink Day and Gay Pride Day or week (please note there is no religious or traditional family value celebration in the schools), storybooks of two moms, two dads, and gay uncles and teaching “alternate” and “nuclear” family from KG, freedom of sexual identification and orientation of students from as early from grade three, using all classes (science, math , language, music, P&H Education) to introduce the alternate family and alternate lifestyle and culture.

We request Doug Ford to repeal Bill 13 and remove “Ontario Homosexual Curriculum K-12 Resource Guide and related system and curriculum implemented in 2012” and new Sex-Ed Curriculum of P& HE implemented in 2015.

Please keep boys/men and girls/women washrooms and change rooms separate and make them safe places in schools and all public places of Ontario that’s affected by Ontario and Federal Liberal’s “washroom bills”. The new washrooms are havens for sex-offenders and pedophiles.  

Almost all the government forms in Ontario where “father” and “mother” were mentioned are now replaced by “Parent 1” and “Parent 2”.

Mr. Ford! It should be restored now. Please repeal Bill 28.

Bill 89  that passed from Ontario Assembly in June 2017, a child born into any Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, or any other religious and traditional family may go to a gay foster family. A child can be taken away from the parents simply by “accusing” the parents for “emotional” and “psychological” abuse of a child for his/her “identifying” other than biological gender. Our child is no more our child; he or she is the property of the state. We are just a “co-parent” and only as long as they (the government) allows us.

Mr. Doug Ford! We want our children back. We want our gender back. Please repeal Bill 89.

We are weak. We couldn’t confront the state power, the organized, and powerful liberal lobby around us. We don’t have resources to fight at the social, judicial, and political level. We didn’t have enough energy even to cry. What we did, as Muslim (practicing) activists, was to appeal to over 5,000 in our contacts all over Ontario, asking them to become members of PC to vote Doug Ford for the PC Leadership. When Mr. Ford visited Thorncliffe Park Drive for his leadership election campaign, I spoke and told him that we are looking forward to a social conservative Education Minister at Queens Park. In response, Mr. Ford smiled well.

When Doug Ford won, we campaigned for PC to make sure its victory. It worked. Even from those ridings in GTAs where Muslims have significant numbers, even Muslim Liberal candidates lost the election and got third positions. Majority of our votes went to Doug Ford.

Now, we do not see enough enthusiasm from the Ford government to get rid of those “liberal ideologies” from the education and society that Mr. Ford was talking clearly and articulately before the election.

Mr. Ford! Please move forward; we are with you. Voters voted for you on social agenda. All the “liberal leaders” of PC in last fifteen years failed to win our votes. People don’t like false people, hypocrites, and dual-faced leaders and party.   

People like real people. People reject the people of false promises.

Mr. Ford! God has given you a chance. Please avail it. Please move fast.   Please restore our gender. Please restore our traditional value family system. Please restore a culture where human society grows spiritually.



Peter Croves

If there is a petition to sign in regards to this matter, please post on the voice of Canadian Forum and I would sign and when you got enough people, it can be sent to Doug Ford.

Elder George

This indicates that we are at the end of times. The entire universe is gender oriented from the atom to the solar system to the nebula. This ignorance and worship of gross materialism has exceeded all bounds.

Mohammad A Khan

Congratulations for taking a great step for Muslim ummah

Anwar Ahmad

All communities must have to come forth together against it and if needed should gather in front of Queen's park.

Zulfiqar Bhatti

Please restore my gender

Mir Javed

I fully understand that problem & my full support with you. I promised never to give vote to liberal until & unless they removed this type of bills.

Refat Ashraf

Please restore our gender and restore our traditional value family system

Aliya Arif

Please review Bill 13 and restore gender. It is confusing our kids.


Thank u for ur valiant efforts to fix what is broken

Ahmed Hamud

The Liberals' sexual indoctrination of children is no different than the imfamous Soviet Union's Marxisim-Leninism indoctrination of the Kosomol (the youth). The strategy is: catch them early and they are yours for the rest of their lives!


The parole board of canada says in their file that they can give someone a record back whatever they wish even after it has been erased. Most find this nazi in nature and unethical and a form of severe bullying. I would like to see a party abolish criminal records once and for all. If you served your sentence you should be able to go back to work without discrimination so people can pay their mortgages and feed their families in peace. Criminal records are relatively new to canada, and only cause more depression and crime.


Finally a message from a real Muslim! Thank you Jawed!


Jawed Anwar, you say your people voted PC in the Ontario provincial election. If that’s the case, why in the federal election did the liberals win almost all of the GTA? Do you not vote for the party whose values align with yours the most? Justin Trudeau marches in every “pride” parade in Canada whether it’s Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. It’s much easier to institute conservative values in our society when the conservatives are elected in both provincial and federal elections.

Mohammed fazil Ali

All humanity loving people must stand up together to change these inhuman laws. This is indeed high scale disaster of humanity in the name of so called liberalism!

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