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Liberal Vs Conservative: A Muslim Perspective

24 Oct 2019
Liberal Vs Conservative: A Muslim Perspective

 Jawed Anwar

“Conservative Party of Canada recognizes Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. If we are elected, we will move our embassy to Jerusalem.”

Andrew Scheer, Leader of the Party, repeatedly said and emphasized this statement in all his debates, speeches, and answering questions in the Federal Election 2019 campaign.

Every time he made this statement, he punched the heart and soul of Muslims. 

Result: “Voting for Andrew Scheer means voting against ourselves.” This was the general feeling of the Muslim community in Toronto. 

Andrew Scheer thought as most of his party leaders that Israelist Jewish money is the single major factor in winning the election. But it didn’t help them. 

Mr. Scheer tried his best to prove that he is more racist than Stephen Harper, Ex Conservative PM. He tried his best to convince that in racism, he is aligned with Donald Trump. He also adopted Trump’s rhetoric on “illegal immigration.” His homework was so weak that he didn’t even know that in Canada, there is no issue of illegal immigration. All immigrants are either documented or contesting for refugee status. 

Andrew Scheer couldn’t hide. Immigrants and colour minorities were reading racism on every line of his face and in every letter of his words. 

Mr. Harper had been hatefully addressing Muslim Culture as “barbaric cultural practices” and against Muslim women’s niqab. He also pretended himself as a PM of Israel, not PM of Canada. Mr. Scheer was trying to follow the same footsteps.

Mr. Scheer and his party failed to learn from the fate of Mr. Harper in the last election.  

Now let us see the other side of the picture.

I started writing a column two months ago but stopped. Following were the few lines;

  1. Liberals accept Muslims without Islam.
  2. Conservatives reject Muslims because of Islam.

I checked the second one because rejection may change into acceptance if truth revealed to them (God willing truth will be revealed soon, if not today then just after Jesus re-coming). 

I reject the first one because we have no identity other than Islam. We believe (have Islamic faith) that homosexuality, same-sex relationship, gender identity (apostasy), sexual disorientation, educating children for sexual perversion, abortion, suicide, liquor, marijuana (and all kinds of drugs), gambling are prohibited in Islam. These are major sins. 

Liberal (with the help of NDP) created this society, a spiritually poisonous society. Liberal at both Federal and Provincial brought a dozen bills to create a gutter culture in which we are now all sinking. Sex-ed curriculum and gender identity education are some tips of the iceberg — the mother of all evil, the same-sex marriage bill passed by the Liberal government in 2005. Freedom of gender expression law have been made by both Provincial (Wynne) and Federal (Trudeau) Liberals, and they changed the human right codes. 

Muslims were contesting (fighting) to restore niqab in the citizenship oath ceremony (the only place it was banned) in Harper-era but ignoring what is happening now; our wife, our sister, our daughter, our kid, our mother, will be in the lady wash/change room and all of sudden a biological/physical man will appear inside pretending/expressing his right as a “woman” and “transgender.” By law, no one can stop “him.” This law also applies to all places of worship.

There were many common values among us Muslims and Conservatives. But Conservatives started divorcing each and every value related to family, society, and morality. Conservative surrendered and abandoned their social conservatism except “Islamophobia.”   

Andrew Scheer, who opposed the same-sex marriage legislation in 2005 was apologizing for his role at that time. Recently, he said that he would prioritize “immigration” of the “LGBT community” of “Iran.” It is the climax of his hypocrisy. 

They openly said that they abandoned social conservatism and adhered to financial conservatism only. Financial conservativism means going more towards capitalism. We, Muslims, reject capitalism by faith. In capitalism, money flows from bottom to top, and in the Islamic economic system, money flows from top to bottom. NDP may be closer in this matter.   

Furthermore, Andrew Scheer started removing good things from his party platform. For example, he dropped the promise of the tax deduction for parents who send their children to private schools. In the 2017 leadership campaign, Scheer promised to offer a $4,000 income tax deduction to these parents.

Now, we didn’t find a single point to support him. 

However, liberalization of the society and educational and cultural moral corruptions brought by the Liberal will ruin (and ruining) the Muslim society and all the communities who have traditional religious and family values. This is an unaffordable price we have to pay. Islamic leaders and Imams failed to address this issue. They preferred to hide the “truth” and kept silence on all the evils brought by Liberals.

  They forgot the Ayahs of the Quran;

 O, believers! Be mindful of Allah, and say what is right. He will bless your deeds for you and forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, has truly achieved a great triumph. (Al-Quran 33: 70-71, meaning in English by Dr. Mustafa Khattab.)

“You are the best community ever raised for humanity—you encourage good, forbid evil, and believe in Allah. Had the People of the Book believed, it would have been better for them. Some of them are faithful, but most are rebellious.” (Al-Quran 3: 110, meaning in English by Dr. Mustafa Khattab.)

How and why our Islamic leadership of Canada failed to address the core social and moral issues of Canada?

One thing I am sure that the Islamic community will dissolve fast in Liberal Canada than Conservative Canada. The acid of liberalism is so strong.

 Please check our next column on this issue at As-Seerah.com.

e-mail: islamicontario@gmail.com

Elder George

The Western world always has its liberal and conservative factions. The liberal faction represents the feminine principle for all its good and bad, and the conservative faction represents the masculine principle for all its extremes. Among liberals there is compassion, unconditional love, and gentility on the positive side. On the negative side there is vacillation, deceitfulness, and disloyalty. On the extreme side there is cruelty and chaos, a lack of standards, and the acceptance of whoredom and deviation as a natural way of life. Among conservatives there is ambition, courage, and discipline. On the negative side there is selfishness and insensitivity. On the extreme there is brutality and tyranny, and in the Western world a desire to exploit every given resource for personal gain. The overall psyche of the Western man is female: whether conservative or liberal, the focus will always be on matters material. Karl Marx and Adam Smith sang the same tune of gross materialism. The only natural form of societal structure is patriarchy. In that society men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. There is an interdependent relationship between the male and the female - they do not compete with each other.

Anwar Ahmad

Due to Andrew Scheer hard stand in favour of Israel and he mostly appeared against immigrants created favouritism for Liberals. The matter of same sex marriage etc are now become irrelevant to all. No party or even individual as well want to talk. I personally talked against it in one pre election rather for MP nomination of a Muslim Pakistani from Conservative party, people who were there dislikely stared at me.

Jawed Anwar

Thank you Elder George for your comment and insight.

Ibn Suleman

With Liberals life to live becomes easier for Muslims. Unlike with Conservatives. As for teaching Islam and living upon it is the responsibility of Muslims which can better be achieved under Liberals. Hardly any Muslim parents teach Islamic values to children nor they were taught by their parents. The blame is on Muslims. Under Liberals propagating Islam is easier. Let us diligently learn teach and practise Islam first to the extent possible.

Yousuf A

Very well written. Jazak Allahu khair!

Zubair Malik

Wonderful analysis

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